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The cost of a mortgage over time usually depends on its APR and its interest rate. Every home buyer should know these figures before getting into a mortgage agreement.  Mortgage rates vary depending on multiple economic factors and change daily. We have done the homework for you in monitoring average rates on the most common mortgages across several weeks for South Carolina. This way, you can predict costs more accurately.  However, if you want the most current rate, please click on the quick quote on the side of the page.

You could be shocked by the difference in mortgage rates advertised by lenders such as banks and online Lenders compared to the actual figures appearing on your quotes. These differences exist because each quote is customized on people’s existing debts, credit scores, history, and total incomes among other factors.  Additionally, most online Lenders quote rates with high fees so be vary careful when looking at just the rate online.  Always get a quote from a local Lender before moving forward with a large, online Lender.  The differences can be shocking!


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Will the drop in mortgage rates continue?

The global mortgage industry has witnessed eight different record lows in 2020 alone. This is chiefly due to the biting implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, not just on the housing sector but also on the World’s economy.  When there are problems with the economy, rates typically will drop while it recovers.  However, talk to a local Lender to understand recent trends.


Is a 0.5% change in mortgage rate worth it?

The answer to this question depends on the loan amount and the breakeven point.  Many people try to achieve at least a 1% reduction in interest rate before refinancing but a 0.5% reduction on a $400,000 loan would result in savings of over $100 per month.  So, if the closing costs were less than $3000, the breakeven point would be 30 months.  If that individual was staying in the house for more than three or four years, it would probably make sense to refinance in that scenario.


What’s a favorable mortgage interest rate in 2020?

Rates have consistently been dropping throughout the year and have been below 3% on a 30 year fixed mortgage for the majority of the year.   For the remainder of the year, rates should stay below 3% but the election in November could have a large impact.  So, to see what the rate is today, please give us a call or complete the form to the right.



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