What Is an Amortization Schedule?

An Amortization Schedule lists the Interest and Principal by each Repayment until the loan is paid off at the end of the Amortization Period. The Periodic Payment is the total payment due each time. The majority of each payment at the beginning of the term will be interest and very little applied to principal. However, slowly over time, the ratio of principal to interest will change so that the majority of each payment will be applied to the principal. The Borrower’s principal payments for the whole loan term and total interest are indicated in the schedule’s last line.

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Amortization schedule definition

The process of writing off debt using pre-determined, scheduled instalments that include interest and principal, is referred to as amortization. Payments are typically made in the form of interest and principal in almost all regions of the country where amortization is applicable. This term is used not only when talking about loans and debt but also when decreasing the value of intangible assets periodically, just like the theory of depreciation.


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Can you change your amortization schedule?

There are several ways to change your amortization schedule for your mortgage. The first is to refinance and change the rate, term or loan amount. The second way is to pay additional payments or increase the amount applied to principal. The third way is to put a large amount down on your mortgage after your purchase or refinance and request a recast. A recast is when your payment is changed based on your current balance after the large payment not the original balance.


What is a 30 year amortization schedule?

A 30 year amortization schedule is a simple table that produces a mortgage payment with compounding interest over a 30 year period which is 360 payments over the term of the loan.


How do you calculate principal and interest?

The interest on the loan is amortized if principal (P) dollars and interest (i) dollars are repaid over a the length of the term of 12 (n) monthly payments of (A)

A= Periodic Payment Amount
P = Principal Loan Amount
i = Interest Rate
n = Number of Payments

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