Although NarroWay was founded in 1996 in South Carolina, the company’s history dates back far further. K. Rebecca Martin and Yvonne “Birdie” Clark, the company’s founders, have been working together for more than 40 years. They began referring to their original Broadway-style collaborations as “A NarroWay Production” in the early 1980s. They founded “NarroWay Productions” in Kentucky in 1987 while working as church employees.
Teresa Brown, Rebecca’s sister and a close friend of the team, called them from her home in Charlotte, NC in the spring of 1996. She informed them about how the Lord had brought to mind an old, desolate amphitheatre. The amphitheatre was close by in Fort Mill, South Carolina, and she thought it would be ideal for a Christian theatre.
That phone conversation marked the start of a lengthy journey of trust.
Rebecca and Birdie arranged a lease on the land, resigned their church staff roles, and stepped out with nothing but faith, naming the company NarroWay Productions, after visiting the place with much prayer, conviction, fear, and trembling.
Martin and Clark rebuilt the ancient, derelict amphitheatre, christened it “King’s Arena,” with the support of a large number of volunteers, and had their first event on May 22, 1997, barely eight months after starting repairs.

History of NarroWay Productions Charlotte

NarroWay Productions was based in King’s Arena for slightly over 9 years. From May through October, the ensemble played outside, as well as at Christmas and Easter, from May 1997 until December 2005.
Martin and Clark realised that if NarroWay was to survive, it needed to buy land for a permanent location. In the year 2000, they began vigorously looking for a suitable location. Martin and Clark were alerted in 2004 by the owner of the leased property that the land on which the amphitheatre stood had been sold to a developer. The amphitheater’s lease with NarroWay was about to end in December 2005, and the new owner had different ideas for it.
Birdie was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2004. She called the owner of a prime piece of property located less than 1/2 mile from I-77 the evening before her operation. Despite passing by the property countless times, Martin and Clark had never viewed it as a viable choice because the signage indicated that it was only available for rent. Furthermore, the property’s warehouse was originally home to a large gambling operation. That evening, however, Rebecca and Birdie were able to negotiate and close the deal that allowed NarroWay Productions to purchase the coveted Carowinds Boulevard site.
NarroWay completed the purchase of her new home on March 17, 2005. The former gambling hall would become a Christian theatre, and NarroWay would relocate indoors. The NarroWay Theatre opened its doors to the public on July 8, 2006, after renovations began in January 2006.
Since then, NarroWay has grown in prominence in the tourism business around the country. NarroWay has entertained guests from all 50 states as well as many international nations as one of the few premier Christian theatrical groups in the world.
Today, NarroWay has a cast of more than 400 artists and a year-round schedule. New shows are added to the schedule on a regular basis, while old favourites reappear from time to time. Martin and Clark have collaborated on over 35 unique works. And “NarroWay,” a thriving, world-class Christian theatre that didn’t exist in 1987, is today a thriving, world-class Christian theatre.

NarroWay Productions Charlotte Location

NarroWay, based in the southeastern United States, is one of the few premier Christian theatre groups in the world, as well as the Charlotte area’s only continuously running dinner theatre. The NarroWay Theatre is a wonderful location for tour groups, church groups, and visitors throughout the south because it is easily accessible from numerous major interstates.
The theatre is half a mile from I-77 exit 90 Carowinds Boulevard on the North Carolina/South Carolina border, just west of Charlotte. Whether you’re travelling through on your way to the beach or the mountains, or you’re staying in the Charlotte region, make your visit to the NarroWay Theatre a memorable Christian experience!

  • 1 MINUTE FROM I-77 EXIT 90
  • 5 MINUTES FROM I-485
  • 15 MINUTES FROM I-85


NarroWay Productions Charlotte Map

3327 SC-51, Fort Mill, SC 29715, United States



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