History of Freedom Park Charlotte


The Mecklenburg County Lions Club donated private funds towards the conclusion of WWII to establish Freedom Park, a park dedicated to veterans. In 1949, the site was deeded to the City of Charlotte.
A $900,000 indoor shelter structure was built thanks to a county bond issue and opened in September 2005. This shelter features a huge public room, a fireplace, a large screen TV, offices, a kitchen, rest rooms, and a concrete patio with a commanding view of the lake. Weddings, parties, modest sporting events, and community gatherings can all be held there.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation announced in April 2012 that the Charlotte segment of the Little Sugar Creek Greenway had been completed, connecting Freedom Park to uptown Charlotte to the north and Park Road Shopping Center to the south.

The difficulty with Canada geese, The vast number of Canada geese that flock year round on the central lake is a conspicuous feature of Freedom Park and a favourite among certain visitors. Although the geese are attractive to some, they are deemed pests by Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation officials due to bird faeces in public spaces, turf destruction, and risk to small children. For a time, abatement methods worked, but the geese always returned.

The problem has been resolved since Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation hired Waterfowl Busters, Inc. to offer humane goose management in December of 2012. While geese do periodically return to the park, they are normally in small groups of less than a dozen and do not stay long. For months at a time, the park is devoid of geese. The Park and Recreation Department has eliminated the costly clean-up costs associated with keeping over 150 resident geese on site all of the time. Additionally, tourists will enjoy cleaner facilities and will no longer be threatened by belligerent Canada Geese.


Freedom Park Charlotte Location

In Charlotte, North Carolina, there is a 98-acre park called Freedom Park. The park is roughly 3 miles from the heart of Charlotte’s downtown region, and is located at 1900 East Boulevard, between Charlotte’s historic Dilworth and Myers Park neighbourhoods. It is centred on a 7-acre lake and is located between Charlotte’s historic Dilworth and Myers Park neighbourhoods.

Paved trails, tennis/volleyball courts, sport/athletic fields, and playground equipment are also available at the park. A 2-8-0 steam engine is housed in the park, which is walled and has safety bars installed over the tender, although visitors can step into the cab. The train used to be open, and kids could climb on top of it and underneath it. There were two fire engines at the time, each having an old-fashioned handle crank in front of the engine. The insides of both fire engines, as well as the rear hose section, were accessible for youngsters to explore, play, and learn. A F-86 Sabre jet fighter and an army tank were once available for children to play with.

Throughout the summer, the park pavilion hosts free films and musical concerts. The five-day Festival in the Park, which attracts over 100,000 visitors each year and has been named a Top 20 Event by the Southeast Tourism Society, takes place in September at Freedom Park. The Charlotte Nature Museum, owned by Discovery Place and located adjacent to Freedom Park, is a fun and educational institution for young children that features animals and plants native to the Piedmont region.

Freedom Park Charlotte Map

1908 East Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203, United States




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