Benefits of Using a Local Mortgage Company

Benefits of Using a Local Mortgage Lender

If you are interested in buying a new house, there are multiple benefits of using a local Mortgage Lender.  Although there are numerous online companies who promote quick processes and offer rewards for using them, there is no comparison between what they offer and what local mortgage companies offer.

Service Level

There is no comparison between a Loan Officer who is in another part of the country behind a cubicle and someone who is local and lives here, has a local reputation, and is active in the community.  The local Loan Officer is more invested in the community,  has more interest in providing a better experience, and has more at stake professionally than the Loan Officer who you will never meet or see.  Additionally, with National Lenders, they typically are not reachable after normal business hours and you don’t have one contact person during your transaction.  There could be as many as four or five different people handling your file which promotes confusion and poor communication.  As you can see from our reviews, the service we provide and the experience our clients have is of the utmost importance.  This is a huge benefit of using a Local Mortgage Lender.


In-House Underwriting

Many local companies don’t have in-house Underwriting but the ones who do, have a huge advantage.  This allows for quicker Underwriting times, more accurate information on guidelines, and better control of the overall loan process.  When Local Mortgage Lenders have in-house Underwriting, there is typically more of a team approach which makes for a smoother process.  Additionally, there is typically better communication and fewer mistakes that are made.


Personal Relationships

In today’s society, personal relationships seems to be a lower priority for most people.  However, there is no substitute for being able to meet your Loan Officer in person, develop a relationship that will extend beyond the transaction, see them at the Closing Table, and have their personal cell phone.  There is tremendous value in working with a Local Mortgage Lender with who you are able to build that type of relationship.  With us, it is not a transaction but a lifelong relationship!




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